DebtCC reveals 6 money making secrets to get out of debt

By: on 2013-01-20
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If you are in huge debt and struggling to come out of it, DebtCC is the best place for you. The community, comprising of nearly 108075 members serves a two-fold purpose in making you debt free. They not only provide you with a simple debt free solution, but also offer you with some financial guidance.

Lately, the DebtCC community has come up with 6 simple ways for you to make money with DebtCC and become debt free. Do you know that you can earn $100 - $900 a month with the DebtCC community?

Get to know the 5 simple money earning ways from DebtCC community:

1. Earn while you post in the community forums:

Each time you post in the community forums you win some DebtCC points. These points can be converted into dollars. Once your point value is worth $10 you are free to cash out your amount. If you want to cash out you need to request a Simon or Jason to send you the amount by check or paypal.

2. Earn while you share your real life story with the community :

The section comprises of some real life stories of the people who successfully managed to come out of huge debt. Such stories would be some genuine example for the debt-trapped people. One single book comprises of 100 different stories. If you, as an author share one story with the community, it gets compiled in a book. Each book comprise of 100 stories. If the community can make $100,000 from a single book then each author can get an amount of $1000 for every story.

3. Start your own blog with us and make money :

If you register with the debt community, and host a blog under our domain, you can make money. DebtCC would host your blog and publish it in the internet. The experts would assist you with their marketing knowledge, to get more visitors. Your adsense would help you to earn lots of money as your blog will get ample traffic from DebtCC. Moreover, the community would also help you with all the technical support that you need for your blog.

4. Community review in local newspaper can help you to earn over $1000 :

If you can make some arrangements of reviewing the DebtCC community in the local newspaper, you will be rewarded with $1000 at one go.

5. Become a Hall of Fame and earn huge cash :

When you complete 1000 posts in the DebtCC forums, you will be eligible to be nominated for the DebtCC hall of fame. The community would then start a thread in the DebtCC forum on your name, something like “Vote for your name to Hall of Fame”. If the members cast 10 positive votes in your favor, you will earn $100 instantly.

6. Debtcc income forum:

Debtcc community has lately introduced an interactive platform on different scopes of income. The purpose of the community income forum is to update people with the different income procedures.

To know more about the different income methods, look forward to my next post.

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