How are you going to spend your stimulus check?

By: on 2018-03-07
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Question 4: How are you going to spend your stimulus check?
By now you might have received the small gift from Uncle Sam, your stimulus check. And in this hard time, with the gas price soaring and the magnified household bills, it is no less than a fortune for you. You must have some plans with the check! Share with us, how you are going to spend it to fill-in the gaps between your income and expenditure?

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Answer 1: Thats a fairly easy question to answer. Im getting caught up on my financial obligations, whats left over I am depositing into an emergency fund which will accrue interest. I hope that will give me some incentive to add monies to in the future, so it will increase as time goes by. Im going to call it my unpayday loan fund. lol
Answer Posted by |Shazzers

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Answer 2: Since losing my husband of 22 years at His age of 42, I plan on using my stimulus check to start a savings account for our son who took care of his father for many years and had to grow up too fast. Giving back to my son and my neighborhood children is what life is all about. My son and I are very close and as we have no family (both of us are only children), he deserves a little joy and something for himself.

Answer Posted by |Dale Seaverns

Answer 3: Actually, I have a specific item I need to purchase. I am by trade an exotic dancer, and am planing to buy myself a nicer pair of TA TAs. I have wanted this for years and will finally have enough to do it. May sound strange to some, but it is my way of life.

Answer Posted by |jenoliver33

Answer 4: We have already received our check, direct deposit, and like most people, we used it to pay bills, take care of some things that were unexpected and took a little of it to go out to dinner together, which is something we very seldom do. We were able to get caught up on a couple of things, pay off a couple of small things, we even managed to fill up the vehicles all the way for the first time in I dont know how long. We were also able to help my brother out by getting him some groceries and his utility bill, he is only getting approx 20 hrs a week at his current job, so due to him not getting a check, we helped him out with what we could. Of course we received ours in May, so there is nothing left, but it greatly helped with some things. Just wish a dollar stretched a little further.

Answer Posted by |2nband

Answer 5: Well, since the US Government has determined I am too poor, and therefore I dont need to be economically stimulated, I will not be getting a stimulus check. I just find it incomprehensible that someone would have had to make a certain dollar amount in 2007, which I didnt as Ive been unemployed for well over a year, in order to be deemed worthy of receiving the measly $300 being sent out. What this tells me is the government has pretty much deemed that I am absolutely unworthy because I am living at, or more likely below, the poverty level. Funny thing, I can only qualify for food stamps in my state; not any other type of public assistance, because I have no children. However, I could desperately use it! I would say that $300 would have probably fed me for a month or so, or put gas in my cars fuel tank so I could better afford to look for work.

So thanks US Government, I will be sure to remember who helped me out, when I really could have used it, when election time comes around!

Answer Posted by |UnemployedRon

Answer 6: I am spending my checks on new beds for my children. Because of the increase in everything (expect of course my paycheck), my poor children have been sleeping on old beds that are broken. The money I will be receiving is because of them so I am going to spend it on them. Any leftover money will go to pay down debt.

Answer Posted by |spatterson_40

Answer 7: I did what the government probably didnt want me to do--I put gas in my car and paid on some bills. Oh wait, I DID spend a couple of those dollars on a cheeseburger, so I guess I gave a bit of it back to my local economy. :)

Answer Posted by |saxy_soprano

Answer 8: 100% of my stimulus check is going to pay off current credit card debt! Thank you Uncle Sam :)

Answer Posted by |Nicholas Fulton1213885178

Answer 9: Gas for my car - That will give me about 2 weeks of driving!

Answer Posted by |goudah2424

Answer 10: i plan on getting some work done on the car,then
the rest goes into the bank.

Answer Posted by |paulmergel

Answer 11: Trying to pay off bills.

Answer Posted by |Melissa Pichoff

Answer 12: For me the best place for that stimulus check is to be put on an ING or alike savings account. Its money that we did not expect, it would really be a good add up to our savings for future use..

Answer Posted by |tsikiting

Answer 13: I was thinking about spending my stimulus check on my 2005 back taxes. Since Uncle Sam automatically applied them for me, I no longer have to think about it!

While it would have been nice to hold the actual check, seeing my balance with the IRS drop significantly was nice, too.

Answer Posted by |dnoice

Answer 14: Split the 4 money ways:
1) put some money into a Christmas club. This way the money is there for the holidays as opposed to using credit cards,
2) put some into a savings account for when needed,
3) use for gas and other stuff, and finally
4) take some for something fun like the movies, dinner, or
a carnival or something like that. Something fun that
doesn\ cost alot of money.
At least this way, you\
e using the money wisely and enjoy part of it.

Answer Posted by |Kathleen Goodwin

Answer 15: I havent received mine yet, but......Im getting it around July. Anyway......I am going to catch up on a few things. I ALSO plan on taking my son on a trip..whether it be a shopping adventure or a trip to a historical place. My son is REALLY into history ( the Civil War, to be exact). He would LOVE to go to Gettysburg. Im ALSO a war buff myself. My son really deserves some adventure like this. Hes really worked hard in school, had some tough times ( with some classes) and have gotten through it.

Answer Posted by |sdchargers_63

Answer 16: Well, I deposited the check in my checking account and I plan to save for a house. Its a drop in the bucket but, youve got to start somewhere.

Answer Posted by |parrotttony

Answer 17: I will be using this check for some much need car repairs and other extra that have been needed. We have need some repairs, but did not have the extra money to do it.

I am going to but some extra "staples" for our house in the way of groceries with the price going higher and higher, and even be able to put extra in the gas tank if I spread it out.

Answer Posted by |Bossy4455

Answer 18: I am not. Im saving it for a rainy day.

Answer Posted by |markofkane

Answer 19: I plan on paying off what I owe to the devil AKA PDLs. My husband and I have also agreed to put the remainder into a savings account to cover any unexpected emergencies. That is how we fell into the PDL trap in the first place. We will NEVER get into that trap again!!

Answer Posted by |mjwalton

Answer 20: Im going to use my stimulus check to pay off one of my credit cards and lower my debt profile.

Answer Posted by |patrick.correa

Answer 21: I already recieved my check and I first spent it on things that I really needed at the moment - food, gas, things for my apartment. It kind of killed me as i did toy with using some of it towards savings but I had to buy some things. Than the rest I used 100% on bills. It caught me up for the most part and that makes me feel really good.

Answer Posted by |bea2ls

Answer 22: The suggestions to "blow" the money on something like a big screen TV or a Stero system were laughable to me in this current financial situation. I received my $900 and used it to try to catch up on my gas bill, and to stock up on our depleting grocery supply. With gas here currently at $4.14 a gallon, $900 doesnt go very far. If I hadnt had so many high bills to pay.. I would have saved it.

Answer Posted by |jennifer_bailey75

Answer 23: 700.00 goes back to long term savings to cover taxes paid. 100.00 to me (towards a new suit), 100.00 to my wife (towards new dress) and 300.00 to be invested in the market.

Answer Posted by |Arnold

Answer 24: I plan on paying some bills with my check.

Answer Posted by |wssu91

Answer 25: I am going to invesst in a new bedroom set

Answer Posted by |claudette

Answer 26: Pay some of my bills and place some on my son;s college fund, which I had borrowed from. Gas prices are out of control and this check should be able to help me out.

Answer Posted by |Monica

Answer 27: I am going to use most of the money to help my grandmother get her back porch rescreened. The rest will go to buying her a converter box for her tv so that when the big change happens in 09 shell be ready.

Answer Posted by |Lisa 1214253892

Answer 28: Didnt get it yet.

Answer Posted by |Tobias Deloatch

Answer 29: Well, since I lost my drivers license 2 years ago, Im going to use my stimulus check to pay for the Group Dynamics class, books, assessment, and reinstatement fee. So Ill get my license back. Thank you G.W. Bush, the only good thing you ever did for me!!!!

Answer Posted by |michael1214259646

Answer 30: on housing repair

Answer Posted by |gail lee

Answer 31: Im not going to spend it. I will put it on my savings account and will talk to a financial adviser from my Bank how to invest wise, to make maybe more out of it the right way without risking alot or best nothing. Maybe one or the other read my Storie and my update. I have only a little amount left to pay on my car, cause I was really lucky. And I really dont wanne be in that debt river anymore. I learnd my lesson cause I know everything happens for a reason and someone gave me a second chance. This time I take it right!!

Answer Posted by |schnuckibearsmum

Answer 32: Sure, I had all kinds of plans. I wanted put it in the bank for unexpected expenses; or pay down some debts; or take the family on much-needed weekend getaway.

Did I get to do any of that? No. The IRS stole my stimulus check to apply toward some existing tax debt. Debt that I was a dead beat and not paying on? No. Debt that I have a repayment plan on and that I have kept completely curent on my payments.

Thanks for letting me stimulate the economy...not!

Answer Posted by |crazy1bryan

Answer 33: Well I did get a stimulus check and Uncle Sam decided since I owed them they would decide how I was going to spend it. It actually was a good thing, because I would have done the following if it reached my hands: I would have paid a few bills I would have liked to get ahead on and maybe just maybe I would have filled my truck up and I mean filled it up completely instead of $20 here, $20 there......uh oh.....the gas light is on again. LOL

Answer Posted by |kolodin616

Answer 34: My check was spent on vehicle main. & paying out medical bills not paid by my insurance company.Thank you uncle sam for paying my doctors.LOL

Answer Posted by |cajunbulldog

Answer 35: I bought back my some equipment of my husbands that I had pawned to pay bills while he was laid off and paid bills since he was not yet back to work when we got the money.

Answer Posted by |sbarnes1101

Answer 36: I am going to put a portion of my stimulus payment in teh bank. I work for teh state givernment in Pa and right now there is a possibility we may be laid off because t hey can not pass our budget. I am going to save some of rebate so i have something to fall back on. The part that I am keeping am using to purchase some summer clothes and shoes for my children and to pay a few bills a couple months ahead so i am prepared and so that i dont waste any money. Times are tough and money is scarce.

Answer Posted by |robmeca22

Answer 37: My fiancee and I are spending ours to help pay for our honeymoon in September that we thought we werent going to be able to take.

Answer Posted by |klynch7

Answer 38: I have not received mine yet but I have purchased my youngest daughter, she is 11 a flute off of ebay that my dad loaned me the money for until I receive mine, should be here in the next while, by July 4th according to the website. I also bought a set of 4 tires from Goodyear. The rest I believe I will be banking since as of July 11, 2008 I wont have employment. I was put on a 6 month assignment that started January 28, 2008 and will end as I have stated. I have already paid for the tires, so I guess about $600 will go into the savings for a just in case I dont find employment quickly.

Answer Posted by |gardnerjl

Answer 39: Catch up on rent and utilities.

Answer Posted by |brendareed

Answer 40: On some credit card payments!! Woo hoo!

Answer Posted by |Hitemhigh

Answer 41: on my mortgage

Answer Posted by |louis


Answer Posted by |DANA1214529478

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