The Surprising Link Between Good Health and Good Finances: Simple Habits to Adopt

By: on 2023-04-27
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Expert-suggested simple habits for a healthy lifestyle
Expert-suggested simple habits for a healthy lifestyle

The connection between health and wealth cannot be ignored. Unhealthy habits can be expensive, leading to adverse financial outcomes. A lifestyle that lacks physical and mental wellness can cause a significant increase in medical expenses over one's lifetime.

These high costs can result in poor credit history, bankruptcy, and less money to save for retirement or other financial objectives. In short, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is critical not only for your well-being but also for your financial stability.

Here is how healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle can impact your financial life:

  • A healthy lifestyle can improve your energy levels and mental clarity, making you more productive at work. This can lead to higher earnings and career advancement opportunities.
  • Eating a healthy diet can be less expensive than eating junk food and fast food. Preparing meals at home and eating whole foods can help you save money on groceries.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires discipline, a positive attitude, and self-control, which can translate into better financial habits. For example, you may be more likely to save money, avoid impulsive purchases, and stick to a budget.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, such as being a non-smoker and having an average weight, can lead to lower life insurance premiums, also known as preferred rates. This is because healthy habits are strongly correlated with a longer life expectancy and the importance of preventative health measures.
  • Choosing a healthy lifestyle through proper diet and exercise can lead to a longer and healthier life. This provides more time for individuals to grow their savings through compound interest, benefiting their survivors and heirs financially.

Here are some expert-suggested simple habits you can adopt for a healthier lifestyle:

Drink Water and Be Physically Active for 30 Minutes Daily

"One simple habit that has worked for me is drinking more water throughout the day," said Evander Nelson, NASM-Certified Personal Trainer and founder of "Staying hydrated is essential for good health because it supports digestion and blood flow, and even helps control body temperature."

Staying hydrated has multiple positive benefits, which you will start noticing as soon as you adopt the simple habit of drinking more water.

"When I started carrying a water bottle with me and reminding myself to drink water, I felt more energetic and noticed my skin looked better. Also, drinking water before meals can help with controlling how much you eat and managing your weight." said Nelson.

Getting some movement in your daily life can also push you towards a healthier lifestyle. "Another habit that changed my life is adding regular physical activity to my daily schedule," added Nelson.

But not everyone can sustainably implement a heavy workout routine in their life. So Nelson suggested that "it doesn't need to be too intense—a 30-minute brisk walk every day can make a big difference in your health. When I started moving more, my heart health improved, my mood got better, and I had more energy."

You might be burning fewer calories, but the health benefit of a simple 30-minute can

Manage Anxiety and Prioritize Sleep

"There's a misconception that there are those with anxiety (meaning a diagnosis) and those without," said Melissa Hudson, Ph.D., LMFT-S, Marriage Therapist, Counseling Solutions of Texas. "We all have anxiety, meaning the signaling system in our brain that says, 'Pay attention, you're in danger.' It's a continuum from everyday anxiety that we all have (I'm late to work, and I'm anxious) to anxiety that is disrupting my life in several environments."

Anxiety prompts the heart to pump more blood quickly to areas of the body that need to respond to a threat. Prolonged anxiety and stress can keep the heart operating at a heightened level, increasing the risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.

"One of the best habits people can adopt is working on their anxiety management, understanding how it works for them, and increasing their tolerance and skills to deal with it. It's a tremendous gift to give yourself," said Hudson.

Hudson also suggested "another habit to adopt is to really prioritize sleep. I suspect that in the upcoming years, doctors will prescribe sleep in the same way they do medications. It's that important to our overall well-being and health. Learn more about what you need to get good rest and then make it a priority."

Put the Phone Down During Work Breaks

Excessive screen time can have several adverse effects on our health and well-being. It can physically strain our eyes and body, resulting in discomfort and fatigue. Lack of sleep is another consequence that can harm our overall health.

Prolonged screen time can also increase the risk of obesity and susceptibility to chronic health conditions. Other possible consequences include loss of cognitive ability, impaired socializing skills, weakened emotional judgment, and lower self-esteem.

"When taking a break from the computer screen—make sure you're taking a break from your phone screen as well," said Joshua Host, CEO of Thrivelab. "For example, if you scroll through social media on your work breaks, it can cause you to feel as if you had no break at all."

Joshua recommended "engaging your eyes, mind, and body with the natural world while taking a break, like going for a walk or talking to a friend. This creates the most significant reality shift and can make a massive difference in productivity."

Practice Gratitude Journaling and Deskercise

"One habit that can lead to a healthier lifestyle is practicing gratitude journaling," said Simon Niklaus, Founder of "By taking a few minutes per day to write the things you are grateful for, you can improve your mental well-being and decrease stress levels."

"This practice helps foster a positive mindset, which can improve overall health by reducing anxiety and promoting emotional resilience," added Niklaus.

As previously mentioned, adding some form of movement to your daily routine can significantly improve your lifestyle. What if you never had to leave your desk to add extra movement into your life?

"Another easy and practical habit is "deskercise" which is incorporating simple physical activities or stretches at work or home," suggested Niklaus. "For example, perform seated leg lifts, shoulder rolls, or gentle neck stretches at regular intervals throughout the day."

"These short bursts of movement can help counteract the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle, such as poor posture and muscle stiffness, while also increasing blood circulation and promoting better focus and productivity," he added. "As a result, "deskercise" can contribute to improved physical and mental well-being,"

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, it's essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle for our overall well-being. This involves making healthy choices about what we eat, how we stay active, getting enough sleep, managing stress, and avoiding harmful habits.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle benefits our physical and mental health. It can also positively impact our financial health by reducing the risk of chronic illnesses and improving our productivity and job performance. So, let's make healthy choices and live a happier and more fulfilling life!

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