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Useful tips for new credit card holders

We often say that "big trouble comes in small packages". Similarly the small gift of a credit card is a coin with two faces. On one side it gives you a lot of freedom for financial purchase and on the other hand it carries forth in your life a lot of risks. Yes, it carries the risk of being deep down in debts if you handle it carelessly. This can prove true in your case if you do not give due thought or consideration. If you start having problems in repaying the debt, you could defile your credit report. And this can have a fairly large impact on your life. A negative report can make it tougher to get a car loan or a home loan or to get insurance or even to get a job.

Precautions used to safeguard your credit card usage:
  • Your signature is a big security. So once you get a card, sign it immediately so that no one else can use it. Note that the accompanying papers have important information, such as customer service telephone numbers. File this information in a safe place. All the papers or documents must be kept in a safe place after a close look. We asked for a close look to know what all are there in the document that you can use these information in the future.
  • Once you have done with your signature, call the card issuer to activate the card. Many issuers require this step to minimize fraud and to give you additional information.
  • The account information is very precious. So keep your account information to yourself. Never give out your credit card number or expiration date over the phone, unless you know who you are dealing with. A criminal can use this information to steal money from you, or even assume your credit identity. These small mistakes can lead to a big problem.
  • Always keep copies of sales slips and compare charges when your bill arrives. Promptly report in writing any questionable charges to the card issuer. This will help you to save extra dollars as a mistake is very much expected.
  • Never lend your card to anyone, even to a friend. Your credit privilege and history are too precious to risk. Learn tricks to avoid your friends when they ask for your credit card.
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