Do nothing

Bury your head in sand to handle too much of debt

Are you stuck with debt? Planning to go for debt settlement, debt management, or bankruptcy? Or are you thinking of doing nothing at all with your debts? “DOING NOTHING AT ALL!!! How is it possible?” If that’s what you are thinking, then sneak a peep into the doing nothing option that is also known as the ostrich approach (an ostrich hides its head in the sand when it senses danger expecting the problems to vanish)

Doing nothing option follows the theory that if problems are ignored for long enough they will vanish on their own. Doing nothing at all can be a solution to some but not for most to get out of debt. So, who are the people who can afford to ignore their debts.

  • There are many people who do not mind their credit score getting down because their report is already marred.
  • People who do not have a job. Thus, they do not have the fear of wage garnishment.
  • People who do not have a considerable amount in their bank accounts. So, even if the creditor gets a judgment against them, they do not have anything to lose.
  • If they do not have a house of their own. In such cases, the bill collectors can not coerce them to pay off the debts because they can not place a lien or possibly force them to sell it off.
  • Debtors who can not be forcibly taken to court, under threat of arrest to testify their current financial standing because they have already shown the court the proof that they can not afford to pay the debts.
  • Last but not the least there are many people who are not bothered by receiving harassing calls, letters and emails from the bill collectors.

Last Updated on: Thu, 20 Nov 2014