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I was just sent a letter asking to join a secret "Nouveau Tech" society. I'm not going to do it - the letter reeks of a scam.

However, I just was wondering if anyone else has gotten this kind of letter - it is kind of creepy.

received my letter had to send or fax back before friday which is today just wanted to say that i did send it back out of curiosity and the funny thing is they will never receive a dime from me. i know i am special and god blesses me everyday in every way. do not need a con artist to tell me how special i am

Sub: #901 posted on Fri, 03/24/2006 - 04:59


i just sended the letter on wenesday, and today i have this feeling to check them out on the internet and all of the suddenly i found myself with all of your answers. what am i to do? please tell me!

Sub: #902 posted on Fri, 03/24/2006 - 09:13


I stongly suggest everyone do what I did.

I used me fax program to fax back the entire letter with my name crossed off, 1000 times and whenever I feel low I do it again and again etc.

Since I have unlimited calls on my phone service it only cost me about 10 cents to do but its cheaper then therapy :twisted:

Have fun.

Sub: #903 posted on Fri, 03/24/2006 - 12:53


Recieved letter on March 25th, 2006. I was not at all impressed by it. It reeked of SCAM ALL THE WAY, SHRED IT AS SOON AS YOU CAN...

Sub: #904 posted on Tue, 03/28/2006 - 13:24


What's with all of the politics and religion in this stuff. I took a second look. It's really weird.

Sub: #905 posted on Tue, 03/28/2006 - 19:11


Yes I did get a letter from the nouveau tech and I got on the Internet and look up Frank Wallace and found a site that said some good things about him, so I bought the book and it was so big and I started to read it and after I read about 70 pages I was disapointed because it was very boring talking about doing things like logging everything you do down on paper and the book is still unread,I also got a letter saying that a week after I got the book someone will be calling me,that was in jan.o6 and still no-one has called yet.

Sub: #906 posted on Wed, 03/29/2006 - 00:04


I received this letter yesterday and obviously went online to research. I am a born-again Christian, so from the beginning of this letter, I knew it was full of "hooey" =) however, after researching, I know feel it was nothing but pure evil. All of the wonderful things promised to us in this letter does not compare in anyway to knowing the wonderful things promised to us by God. I am so thankful for the disernment givin to not fall into this evil trap. I also want to say that by simply placing a stamp on the return envelope, is like tithing a seed into satans ministry of lies. I pray that those who fell into his trap will see the pit they are in and repent to stand on the rock of salvation rather than the sinking sands of hell. Sincerly, Lisa

Sub: #907 posted on Wed, 03/29/2006 - 08:04


How do I find the 139 dollar 1000 page publication at the library? What is the name of it?

Sub: #908 posted on Wed, 03/29/2006 - 10:29


Is the book 1000 pages? Did you pay 139 dollars for it?
I am curious if anyone has received the 1000 page book.

Sub: #909 posted on Wed, 03/29/2006 - 10:33



I am also curious about the 1,000 page manuscript. Is there any info out there on it? Someone please respond. HAS ANY ONE BOUGHT IT????

Sub: #910 posted on Wed, 03/29/2006 - 10:44


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