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I was just sent a letter asking to join a secret "Nouveau Tech" society. I'm not going to do it - the letter reeks of a scam.

However, I just was wondering if anyone else has gotten this kind of letter - it is kind of creepy.


Yes, this is a scam...but Christ on a cracker, Lisa....>

Sub: #911 posted on Wed, 03/29/2006 - 13:33


I just received a letter from the Nouveau Society and this is 6 mos after alot of you have written in I guess the people we put in power haven't done anything to protect the innocent and nieve. Something needs to be done about scum like this

Sub: #912 posted on Thu, 03/30/2006 - 12:35


Natural Cures, the book by Kevin Trudeau, is the best that could have happened in this malevolent world. I do I know it works? I was brought up by a father that followed what Kevin talks about. And I'm 72 and have never been sick, and look 20 years younger. If you want to know more write me:

Email deleted as per forum rules-Mike

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I got my letter missed my deadline has anyone wondered why in all the letters they are giving the book to people yet they are trying to charge the rest of us special people $140 If we were such an asset to their club shouldn't we get the secrets for free too This one tops the cake of scams!

Sub: #914 posted on Fri, 03/31/2006 - 20:36


i believe in god,
and i love him so much. i have not read joels book ,but i do read the bible and the bible is all real. so if you have not read the bible then you should!

Sub: #915 posted on Sat, 04/01/2006 - 20:21


The NOUVEAU Tech web site will and can mess you system up - do not install any active X add on's from there site it will add about 100 + spy ware components on your system.

Sub: #916 posted on Sat, 04/01/2006 - 22:24


Dear fellows, I got the letter about 2 weeks ago and I was a little skeptical since I noticed some of the red flags mentioned by some of you. However I ordered the "free" package and I read it on friday March 31, 2006. As soon as I started reading the free material, I started feeling a lot better physically and mentally, nothing dramatically has jet happened to me, but I am feeling better and better. I was getting drunk almost every weekend nigths and was smoking about 1 package of cigarrets a day. Friday when I first read the materials I still got drunk and smoked about the same. As I am writting this message, at 4:56 a.m., sunday the 2d, I am feeling even better. I was bored as usual and at about 6 pm yesterday (saturday) I started to drink and smoke again, but after 2-3 beers and 2-3 cigarrets, exponstaneusly I begun to rinse my mouth with the beer without wanting to swallowed it. intersting it was very satisfying I did same thing with the smoke and I stopped drinking and smoking so far. I am sober and feeling great. A also agree with one of your comments that we all have special wonderful talents and powers or divine gifts. That is what the materials says, and it is true. In my case the materials have so far help me feel better and better by the hour. I guess it did helped trigger or reactivate said latent powers and divine talents in me. I guess others may have also special gifts that may be different or that may be triggered by a different event, mechanisim, or circumstance. I feel a lot better reading this materials than going to a doctor, theraphist, some restaurants, bars, movies, etc. that cost more. I guess what is real works and you see it and feel it, so if it is working for me, I believe on it, I guess it is the rigth timing for me. sincerely.

Sub: #917 posted on Sun, 04/02/2006 - 03:09


"Kevin" is supposed to be a "TV celebrity and copywriter" --- not the man sending the letter, John Finn, in my case (who may be as real as Huckleberry Finn, by the way). I thought it a bit strange that "DOMESTIC FIRST CLASS FOREIGN AIRMAIL" would be used to send a letter from Grove City, Ohio to Woodstock, Alabama for only 30 cents. That sounds like a bulk mailing rate to me. And how could it be both "DOMESTIC" and "FOREIGN"? It may sound official, but it's really an oxymoron. Also, the bar code over my name would seem to indicate its presence in a mailing list or database somewhere to be used for the purpose of mass mailing. However, I said, "Why not?", and returned the letter. I decided to see what they'd send, also decided not to send any money unless they send something that makes me some first. Too, it has to be something that wouldn't violate God's commandments or put one out of the Way of Holiness. If there really was a secret society out there that had its eye on me, what "mark" would I be required to take to join? Then, too, "Thou canst not serve God and Mammon." (money)

Sub: #918 posted on Sun, 04/02/2006 - 04:41


Hey, I work in Grove City.....Definately not a foreign place...:)

All of this is a state of mind....Those who believe in this "society" will feel things from it..Good or bad...Same goes for most everything. It is healty to have faith in something....But you should not have to pay for it.

This thing TO ME sounds like some kind of cult...But if it's what makes you feel good..So be it.

Sub: #919 posted on Sun, 04/02/2006 - 07:31

Jessi Jessi

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Hi guys is me again. i continue feeling great. good thing is that i have felt this type of state of mind in several occassions before with different triggerings/chatalists, including being in love and not loved back, being in a great relationship,after great ,**** when i was a kid most of the time but not concious of it, reading the bible entirely, several christian and catholic books, articles, songs, going to churches diferent denominations, reading new age books, reading whtch-type authors like Carlos Castaneda, and now these materials. This shows by the preponderance of the evidence in me, that there may be a variaty of triggering events like this, but ultimately, our divine nature and powers are real, since all of the sources above including the bible agree w this statement. Jesus said that we will do the miracles he performed and more. Now the "powers" I have experienced so far regarless of the triggering event are not supernatural, is realy being in a great state of mind feeling great physically and emotionally, i guess what some religions call nirvanna, or in a state of grace, or just feeling great. Regarless of what comes next, the important think is that i feel great now and love my self lot more. what ever i get material i will enjoy more than ever, just like kids, and that is the lost paradise or heaven on earth which by the way, is possible according to Jesus in the Bible. In my experience we ougth to be carefull in selecting the triggering material because some are more burdensome than others, most begin w promises, and most require money, commitment, specially the ones involving a women/man, which require more money and emotional problems, total commitment and loss of freedom. All books spiritual or not cost money. traditional religions want more than 10% or your gross income,even when the Bible clearly indicates that it should be share in a thanks given party with church people, your employees, orfans an widows but only after you have taken the promised land were milk and honey flows from the earth and you had been freed from all your enemies; not feeling great is even more expensive and damaging in all respects. Having great **** also implies some comitment, money and in lot of times emotional pain before you get there, easier way would be a **** but is illigal so can cost you more. So i go with whatever works with least cost. 1 package of cigarrets a day is 365x4.65 is lot of money not to mention the other costs involved. paying for taking girls to dates can get expensive not to mention the mental distress, 10% of your income is not cheap, supporting a wife/family cost you not only your entire wallet plus your life, except for a few ones, by the way all such costs are tax deductable by the governments. just be honest with yourself, Jesus said that marriage was not for everybody and that at resurrection, which can happen here on earth at any time for any individual according to Bible, nobody will marry nor will be given into marriage, if you are not getting what you were suppost to get from what ever let go and move on. being unhappy, unwhole is too expensive unnecessary price to pay. Even if these guys are taking advantage, so far is the cheapest way i have found, beside being a kid, which Jesus said the kindomn is like that, which i am getting there thaks in part for the valuable services and unappreciated love at the time i received from all the sources above including two wifes,once there i am sure i'll be free from any external stimula need, but enjoying everything. May God continue blessing you all abundantly and guiding you in your spiritual journey, regarless of the divine means he use for you at any given time, including this page.

[color=Red]****Adult term removed - Jason[/color]

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