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Has any one heard of legal mediation services in flordia or know anything about them they are threatening jail time for a payday loan

Strategy: I had a horrible experience with this collector. They were rude and refused to provide me with basic information. I strongly suggest that you contact the attorney general's office in your state and file a formal complaint. I do believe that they cross the line. Also contact the company that cashed your check or issued the advance and register a comnplaint and let them know that you will not do business with them again and will share your experiences with others.

Then start to lobby your congressmen. They need to shut down the clients, the payday loan and loan advance companies.

Check with credit unions in your area. They have begun to office pay advances and the terms are low and you are not threatened. Let's put Legal Mediation Practices out of business by getting rid of their clients.

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Contact your credit unions. Many are being to offer pay advances with reasonable terms.

How can LMP threaten or turn a check over for prosecution when the company accepted a check from you knowing that it was not good at the time of issuance and too many variables affect the availability of funds, i.e. your payroll department depositing the check into your account, your employment status, etc.

I plan to nail their behinds to the wall. I am going after LMP and the pay advance concersn. Do you know the owners of these loan sharks. We are probably dealign with the underworld or drug lords who need to launder money. I am also going to ask the justice department and my congressmen to conduct hearings on Capitol Hill. Let them hear from people who have been threatened or have been fleeced by these companies.

Post you concerns and send them to everyone. Blanket the Internet with your complaints about LMP and the sharks.

Those of you with the technology, do a short piece on You Tube,

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Please do share whatever knowledge you have on these guys as I am doing my initial background on them so I can get a hungry reporter and attorney general on their behind.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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Chica, you appear to be really support of LMP. Why won't they give you basic information. Since I never received any correspondence from LMP or the pay advance company regarding the check. I am the one who went back to find out why the check had not cleared. I had canceled a 24.50 ACH that was processed twice by my bank, which caused an overdraft. I get paid once a month and the company waited until the end of the second month to resubmit the check. I had called the company and told them to hold it. Which they agreed to do, but the corporate office turned it over to LMP. I never received any correspondence. I am the one who called around to track this down. I called LMP and they did not call me back. A week or so later I called and all ___ broke out. I have owned $15,000 on accounts and never received such maltreatment.

You may have been one of the good guys at LMP, but they have some very sleazy, bottom feeders working there now and they need to be stopped. We have to reduce their list of clients.

I plan to contact the board of directors of the clients and give LMP bad press that they deserve.

Call the Justice Depertment. They will be stopped. I have nothing but time on my hands.

By the way, I honored by check after I tracked it down and was treated by feces.

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They refused to give me a mailing address. I finally had to find it online. By the way, I called an attorney and he indicated that several people are suing LMP. We should consider a class action lawsuit against LMP. Let's bankrupt them.

It is wise to record your conversations with them because they are also recording...

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Cathy you are correct in several people are in litigation with them.

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cajunbulldog cajunbulldog
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Unauthorized Advertising Deleted Cajunbulldog

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Info found at privacyrights dot org (state by state rights..

How to Protect Yourself: Debt Collections/Consumer
Source: The Florida Attorney General's Office

http://www.myflorid Highlight=2,debt,collector

Duplicate content removed to avoid redundancy. Please go to the above link to view the actual content - Mike


They all use fake names and each one needs a BACKGROUND CHECK and drug test...........DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR PERSONAL BANK INFORMATION ( OF ANY KIND )

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Well the legal mediation practice called my job and i havent spoken to them yet but everytime i call back i put the ext they left even diffrent ones they all go to one person and even when i put in zero no one comes to the line but the operater and every extention goes to a bill fraiser so whats going on i hope they dont get irate with me because i have a lawyer ready to deal. And i have been told what all they can do and cant do so whenever i call i have my lawyer on the line so when they tell me something wrong i he is there to intervien. I cant have these bill collectors trying threaten me for jail time or intmidate me they just cant do that. Gotta know your rights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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