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Hall Of Fame Members

Name Picture hall of fame members User post count Created
cajunbulldog Cajunbulldog, a member who has earned the Hall of Fame badge soon after joining the board, is quite popular within the community. Members have showed their gratitude to this member whole heartedly while voting for him. [see details] All the best for your coming days! 4775 20 December, 2006
fedupinpa Fedupinpa is the next member of DebtCC Hall of Fame. Community members have voted spontaneously for fedupinpa. [see details] Apart from the great work in forums, she has prepared a very informative blog for the community. Congratulations! 1447 22 January, 2007
2nband The next hall of fame title goes to 2nband. He has contributed enormously in solving out members' problem and community members have found him as a valuable member of the community [See details]. Congratulations 2173 30 January, 2007
Morningstar Morningstar is our new DebtCC Hall of Fame member. Community members find him very helpful for their community and hence voted for him. [see details] All the members are very thankful to him for his contribution. Congratulations! 1619 6 February, 2007
SOAPLADY She is a very active member of the community and makes the maximum number of posts every month. Her knowledge on debt collection and student loans is vast. She deserves a place in Hall of Fame Club [See details]. Congrats. 17225 7 February, 2007
Anthony Lemons Anthony has completed his 100 posts and has been chosen as our next hall of fame member. He is appreciated by the community members for his wonderful work on this boeard [See details] We congratulate you for reaching this height. 1792 17 February, 2007
Leah The next DebtCC Hall of Fame title goes to Leah. She has been supported by the community members. [see details] She has also done a great job participating in the discussion and helped out community members with good information. Congratulations to you! 2299 4 March, 2007
Sassnlucy Sassnlucy has been selected as our new DebtCC Hall of Fame member. [See details] how community members have supported her. She has participated actively to help members. Congratulations! 2634 12 March, 2007
Law Student Law Student becomes our next hall of fame member. [See details] for how members have appreciated his contribution. Congratulations! 1156 4 April, 2007
Frogpatch Frogpatch also joins the community of hall of fame members. Members have cast positive vote for him and acknowledged his genuine effort for the betterment of this community. [See details] for the compliment given by the members. Congratulation. 5126 9 April, 2007
DOLLARSandSINCE DOLLARSandSINCE is the latest Hall Of Fame (HOF) member of Debtcc. DOLLARS has helped many members in solving their debt problems. We appreciate this help. Congratulations from the Debtcc team. [See Details] 1071 11 May, 2007
Lukeskywalker Lukeskywalker is a favorite member on the board. It's nice to see members like him spending most of the time on the board and thinking about everyone. We all appreciate you for the hard work done and keeping everyone together. [See details] Heartiest congratulations! 1860 19 May, 2007
ladybug Ladybug has completed her 1k posts and has earned the DebtCC hall of fame member title. It has been due to the her effort and contribution in building a strong community. [See details]. We congratulate you. 2660 29 May, 2007
eleroo eleroo is the next proud member to join our Hall of Fame community. She deserved appreciation for helping community members [See details]. Heartiest congratulations from the community! 1192 6 June, 2007
cannr DebtCC community members want to congratulate you for becoming our next hall of fame member. [See details] She has done a great job by posting good information and helping members on this board in every possible way. Great work. 9224 7 June, 2007