Christmas - Is this the time to enjoy and avoid a debt hangover?

Educate yourself: 7 Tips to celebrate Christmas without inviting debts in 2014


Christmas is the time to be merry. It's the time for entertainment and celebrations. It's also the time to have a look at your budget and shop accordingly. Party with full zest and enthusiasm, but stay within your means if you don't want to start 2014 with a debt hangover. Here are the 7 tips you can use this Christmas to spend the festive season with full enthusiasm and zero debt.

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Tip of the month:Don't accept store credit cards in a hurry for they often charge higher interest rates than average credit cards.

It is quite tempting to accept store credit cards since you can get discounts on your purchases. Moreover, these cards can help to build credit gradually. However, store credit cards are offered at very high interest rates. You may have to pay 20 percent or more interest rate on the store credit cards, which is 5% higher than that of the average credit cards. Be prepared to more on interest rate if you can't pay off the credit card balance every month.

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  • Be prepared for your Thanksgiving Day with a mini cheese cake along with blueberry sauce on top, when you're looking for a frugal dessert to save your pocket.
  • Is it possible to save money on fuel? You can save by carpooling, combining trips and taking the first parking spot you find.
  • The best way to develop a saving discipline is to save an amount that you normally spend on useless items.
  • Make sure your expenses do not exceed your income if you're planning to save for Christmas.

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Discussion of the month: How can you take off MCYDSNB from your credit report?

Did you just check out your credit report and found that MCYDSNB is listed on your credit report? Well, MCYDSNB (Macy's Department Store National Bank) offers store credit cards to consumers in Ohio. Check your credit report and find out the outstanding balance. In case it is “0” balance, then you won't have to pay any money. You can take steps to close the account. However, if the balance is quite big, then negotiate a settlement with MCYDSNB as soon as possible.


Featured Video: A sneak peak into an exclusive interview between Gerri and Steve Rhode

Get out of debt guy – Steve Rhode says 'debt is just debt'. If you want to know what he actually means by this, then you've to watch the exclusive interview between the reporter Gerri and 'get out of debt' guy Steve Rhode. Catch the video to know what Steve thinks about debts, bankruptcy and financial problems. Get the 'unvarnished truth about getting out of debt' from both the credit experts and clear your mind offs all the myths.

gerri and steve interview

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