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888-587-0752 - Has anyone dealt with this law office?

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I got a debt settlement offer from law office of m.n.kay on behalf of FDS Bank/Macys
before I send them my money I want to make sure this is legit, and im not gonna send a bunch of money to some people and not have my debt paid off.
has anyone dealt with law offices of mitchell n. kay in the past?
thank you! :D

Check this link out cause now I have oufnd out that debts older than 7 years (7 years past the first date of their delinquency or 7 years past the last time you paid on them) cannot be collected or even put on your credit report!!!! s-releases/2004/05/nco-group-pay-largest-fcra-civil-penalty-date

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On August 15, 2006 I dicovered that I was being scammed by Mitchell N Kay as well. Does anyone know if there is a class action against him?

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On Jan. 23, 2004 I sent Law Offices of Mitchell N Kay a check for a Direct TV bill that they said was unpaid. Yesterday Aug. 21, 2006 my son phoned and said he got a collection notice about a Direct TV acct. in my husband's name BUT WITH my sons SS#. They said the account had never been paid. My son has never had a Direct TV account in his name and has since moved from the location that the acct. was for. We also moved from this location in April 2003. Now 2 1/2 years later Mitchell N Kay are trying to collect again. What can be done because this is showing in our son's name and is ruining his credit??????

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Law Offices of Mitchell N Kay is indeed a scam. You can go to the courthouse and tell them that Mitchell N. Kay got a default judgement against you. The court will direct you how to reapply to have that judgement thrown out which will free up your account. You will be given a new court date and 9 times out of 10 MItchell N. Kay will not show up. Don't give these people any money.
Come to find out, Mitchell N Kay isn't even a reputable law firm. It's just a fancy namefor a collection agency. Be sure to google them bums.

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They have been calling my cell phone and not leaving messages. I have called them back--law offices of mitchell n. kay is looking for someone that I have never heard of (maybe owned this number at one point). Their representative was rude and hung up on me when I asked Mitchell N Kay to stop calling my cell phone.
I would not trust anything from this so-called law firm!!

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I got a letter a couple of years ago from palisades collection claiming I owed 175.46 from an old at&t wireless acount which I never had. Well today I got a letter from mitchell kay saying they now have the account to handle. What should I do?

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Does this letter sent by Mitchell Kay give you the complete information about your debt? Federal laws force the collectors to prove their authorization regarding the debt they are collecting for? FDCPA laws on debt validation will provide you a clear explanation on what should be your next move.

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IncredibleHelp IncredibleHelp

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Just got a notice, called was suspicious when they gave me info for a cell phone I never had OVER 8 YEARS AGO!! How can I prevent them from freezing MY ACCOUNT like others have written before me??

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Same, scenario. Rude Message for someone who I have never heard of regarding a bill I had never heard of. Attempted to call, when they were closed decided to search for info on-line to prepare for possible identity theft issue, had no idea, possible scam issue which could be just as bad to pursue. The info is helpful. At this point they have not sent any letter and seem to be calling the wromg number for someone. I hope that is the case.

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I recently got multiple messages at home from mitchell n kay stating i owed money, they sent me mail & so I know exactly why they were calling(I never received mail from them). when i finally called them & requested for their web-site, they simply handed over the phone to another guy, "tom," who refused to to give me their web-site info(by this time i knew they were not legit). tom stated that i owed amex over $148,000. when i stated that i never had an acct with amex, he asked if the last 4 ss digits he stated matched mine. i said no & asked how he got my phone number, he stated the debtor gave it to them... which i do not believe is the case. when i showed concern b/c my number & name is being used, tom said don't worry about it & hung up..

if i get one more call from them i will def take legal action against them. this is ridiculous how they are trying to take advantage of people. 354 State St Ste Ll1, Hackensack, NJ, United States

Phone: (201) 488-8666 is their info. i am from the new jersey area and have some lawyer friends who will be more than willing to help. all their messages are recorded in case i need it for legal action against them. basic line is... they need to stop!

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