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888-587-0752 - Has anyone dealt with this law office?

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I got a debt settlement offer from law office of m.n.kay on behalf of FDS Bank/Macys
before I send them my money I want to make sure this is legit, and im not gonna send a bunch of money to some people and not have my debt paid off.
has anyone dealt with law offices of mitchell n. kay in the past?
thank you! :D

They are practicing unlawful collection act I am filling a claim with them ftc. They will not provide any documents and verbally abused me and character. If you owe a debt from 7yrs ago do not pay. They debt should be off your record if not call the breau to have them removed. These people are a scam and I want them out of business. They will not get a dime from me I will pay my creditor themselves

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They keep harrassing me by calling my boss at his personal home phone number which is unlisted. I have no idea how they got that phone number! I told them to cease and desist and they told me they would not.

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I have excellent credit, do not owe anyone and I'm getting harrassing calls as well. I've researched these people and they are in a class action lawsuit for wrongly trying to collect debt from innocent people. They must be stopped!

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Hi. I have had some issues with these guys as well - basically trying to charge me for an account in my current state, but from 5 years ago when I didn't live here. They too asked if the numbers on social matched and I told them no, name is spelled differently than mine, no addresses are the same, I never had an account with the company, etc. It's ridiculous. The man I spoke with gave me the following information to dispute the claim:

Send a letter saying you are disputing with the information to Lw Offices of Mitchell N. Kay #7 Penn Plaza, Suite 1500, New York, NY 10001

or, fax to

(212) 330-9668

Hope that helps someone else.

Sub: #74 posted on Sun, 06/17/2007 - 09:04


i just got a letter today and this law office is claiming that i owe them over a thousand dollars for a credit card that i dont even own. I called the law office and told them that i don't even have this credit card and they hung up on me. I checked my credit report and there isn't anything stating that i am in collections. Don't fall for this! call around before you pay them

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Attorney Detail
as of 06/28/2007

Registration Number: 1538412

NEW YORK, NY 10001-3967
United States
(212) 594-1991

Year Admitted in NY: 1962
Appellate Division Department of Admission: 2
Law School: BROOKLYN
Registration Status: Currently registered
Next Registration: Jul 2008

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I paid a bill off (a settlement through Nationwide Recovery Systems) and every year I receive a bill for the balance from a different creditor. It was cleared on my credit reports, but it is some sort of scam that is either trying to collect money from unsuspecting consumers for bills that are either settled and/or not reported on your credit report. If the bill isn't on your credit report DON'T PAY FOR IT--it is a lost debt. If it is on your report, figure out how long it will be on your report (it may be 3 more months and they are trying to get whatever they can from you). If you did already settle it, send proof to the new agency and the credit bureaus and the Better Business Bureau.

Sub: #77 posted on Sun, 07/01/2007 - 12:56


Mitchell N. Kay is a scam company. I had an account with T-mobile about 3 years ago, and the account went into default because at the time I got laid off from work and couldn't afford to make any payments. About 3 days ago I received a letter from Mitchell N. Kay stating a settlement for this account for 40% of the actual amount. So, I thought wow, that's all. I called the company (Mitchell N. Kay) and took them up on there offer. When I went into work the next day, I looked them up on the internet and saw all of these fraudulant & rip off reports under there name. So, I got curious. I called T-mobile and told them everything that happened. They told me that this is not the company that received my information about this account and that Mitchell N. Kay is not legite. Do your research about a collection agency before you send any money out to them, I did. By the way I never sent them any money. If you have received any letters stating a settlement for a debt, call the company that you have had or still have an account with first, to see where & who they sent your information to and follow up on it.

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I recently got a letter frm this firm saying that I could pay off a past debt of $100 for $40...
And then I recieved a telephone call from them (recording) stating if this is "name" stay on the line and verify ...I did.... not knowing what it was about..and then it gave me a reference number and their telephone number to then stated that I have verified it was the person that owed the debt and hung up.....
I am really confused about what to do, cause I had almost just sent out the payment and then I was skeptical and looked online...good thing i did!!

Any suggestions??
That would be great :)

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So, I just got a letter from these folks today. The letter was forwarded by family, since I have not lived at the address in question for TWENTY YEARS.

Their claim was that I owed for the Gas and Electric bills for that address.

1) I've never been on the gas and electric bills for that address, it is my father's home I lived there as a TEENAGER

2) My father still lives there and is current on those accounts, which he has had for more than twenty years.

I don't think these people are even a legitimate debt collection agency. They are just another predatory criminal group out there trying to get people's money.

Figuring that few people will take the trouble, I've contacted the New York Bar Association to see about complaining if this company IS involved with a real attorney. I figure if a real attorney is letting their name and firm be used this way, it is - at least - negligent to allow themselves to be used to perpetrate fraud.

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