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888-587-0752 - Has anyone dealt with this law office?

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I got a debt settlement offer from law office of m.n.kay on behalf of FDS Bank/Macys
before I send them my money I want to make sure this is legit, and im not gonna send a bunch of money to some people and not have my debt paid off.
has anyone dealt with law offices of mitchell n. kay in the past?
thank you! :D

It looks like everyone is extrememly unhappy to say the least.

If you feel that Mitchell N Kay are a "scam" for whatever reason, file a complaint. Check out http://www.judicia
You can call them at 800-406-8594, or send them an "Attorney Ethics Grievance Form." There's a link to it in red on the web-site. Good Luck!

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I just got a letter from the above mentioned "law office" asking me to pay a lump sum of $350!
I'm pretty sure this is a scam, but not doing anything against this would cause me any problems?

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they have been calling me for two months. They have the wrong person, the wrong number. They are nasty on the phone and won't stop calling. I hate to change my phone number but I may have no choice. These all low life, can't get a better job hustlers working for a law firm that should be fined and the all the attorneys thrown in jail.

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This company sent a letter to my wife saying we owe a balance of $500 dollars.
Our original debt to AT&T was $967, and only 2 months ago we agreed to a settlement offer from another agency for 35% of that(about 350 bucks).After paying the settlement the account was to be considered "paid in full". So what do I do now that another collection agency(Mitchell N. Kay) is contacting me about an unpaid balance on an acoount we settle ? I still have the contact letter from the agency, along with a bank statment showing we paid the 35% to bring us paid in full. WHat now?

Sub: #24 posted on Mon, 10/02/2006 - 21:28


Ok, I aid off a debt of my wifes 2 months ago. I paid an agreed upon settlement of 35% of the total owed to a collection agency representing AT&T.
Today we go a letter from another company (This Mitchell N. Kay) stating that she owes a balance of 500 dollars. When we paid the other, it was considered paid in full. I retained the letter from the other company with the settlement offer, as well as my bank statement showing that the payment went through 2 months ago. What do I do now? Ignore Mitchell?

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Sorry the last 2 posts are both mine. It didnt seem like it went through , so I tried again.

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I too have received letters and calls. I believe it may be At&T fault. I believe that when Cingular bought out AT&T, it you owed any late balance to AT&T but later paid it off, they never relayed this to Cingular. At least this has been my case.

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8/9/06 I received notice of a debt from midland credit management for an Aspire Visa card I never heard of. After sending two certified letters asking for debt validation with no response I get a letter from Mitchell N Kay law office asking for even more money on same bogus debt. So Far Kay has not picked up two certified letters to them asking again for validation. Anyone know an address that I can actually reach these people where they will accept a certified letter?

Sub: #28 posted on Tue, 10/17/2006 - 21:21


I received a letter for a debt that I never incurred, turned out to be an identity theft situation, submitted all of the information and a police report to the actual company itself of all of this was 2 years ago and I thought it was all cleared up. Obviously not bc now I think it has been opened back up (I researched on the internet where they are doing these things nowadays even thought you were cleared at one point in time) But I think my downfall is that I never received anything in writing from the original company saying that it was clear it was over the phone bc I kept calling to make sure they received everything they asked for. And I was wondering how do I submit a dispute letter to this Law office and do I submit all of the things that I submitted to the original company 2 yrs ago?

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Raises hand!!

I have to share this with you. I cosigned a loan for my daughter for her first car through Honda. She totalled the car and took her sweet time paying it. it went to the Law office of Mitchell Kay. My daughter tried to pay with a check over the phone to pay the balance. The check was reversed by her bank when the CA did not process their end of the paperwork within the 24 hour period. Anyways, My daughter got a copy of the check and those idiots at Mitchell put my name and adress on the check, used First Union as the name of the bank and her account no. For starters the checking account wasn't mine, secondly first union was merged into Wachovia a few years ago. I made her cancell the check and I wrote a letter to Honda telling them I refused to deal with the CA, sent them a copy of the check and told them I felt that this CA was attempting fraud and ethically my daughters bank could not allow that check to go through.

This all happend on 10/20-06 and by the end of the week Honda deleted their account from my credit reports.

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