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888-587-0752 - Has anyone dealt with this law office?

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I got a debt settlement offer from law office of m.n.kay on behalf of FDS Bank/Macys
before I send them my money I want to make sure this is legit, and im not gonna send a bunch of money to some people and not have my debt paid off.
has anyone dealt with law offices of mitchell n. kay in the past?
thank you! :D

In 2005 i paid off my macys debt with them i have all the return checks now anoter collection agency is trying to collect for the same debt. I now have to send prove and still not sure what else to do

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In may a case I had re a car accident was settled by Mitchell n Kay. I do not live in the United States but yet they refuse to send my money by fed ex or allow my mother to collect on my behalf. Wheneever I call i've been told one lie after was returned in the mail etc. its Five Months and I can't seem to get my money. The secretary says they can't wire transfer to my bank account in the Caribbean. What options do I have?? I don't want to lose time from work to come to NY and still have problems getting my money. Help please.......any one.

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What can you say about a law office that states the mini-miranda in leaving a message on your answering machine, evern when they know they are calling very old accounts that are more likely wrong numbers???

When you pay them, you have to call them billions of times to get your proof of payment.

They outsource people from the Philippines and India, and they try to outsmart these people by stealing paid accounts from them so the collectors dont get their commissions.

Try calling 800-2474720. Ask for Rhonda and you'll get an attitude! People from this company hung up on you as soon as they find out that you're not paying and aside form that, they never handle disputes in a timely manner. They are fast at giving Dunning Letters but they take forever to get you your reciepts.This company needs to be shut down.

Who has ever talked to Mitchell Kay? This company is a scam. to their customers and even their employees. I know so because I work for The Law Offices of Mitchell N Kay. Any more questions?

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In reality, its not us who's a scam, like for example you recieving abill from us about a T-mobile account when you never recieved a bill from T-mobile. In reality it is T-mobile that is giving us this accounts because they charge bogus amounts of money thats why you dont find out about it until it has already reached a collections agency. It is our clients that refer these scams to us that we have to handle.

The only reason I say MNK is a scam is that they do not religiously follow fdcpa. But if youre talking about acconts. Remember we dont get the money when you pay this $2000 t-mobile bill. That all goes to T-mobile. We are paid to do their collections, and the money we collect goes to them thats the deal.

Nonetheless, if you guys want something done, call Rhonda everyday at 800247-4720, and I assure you they will be done because this is a stubborn lady that wants all the job left to her collectors and if you specifically ask for her when requesting a letter or wanting to discuss an important matter, go directly to her.

MNK does a lot of things wrong, in handling the customers and the employees. But we sure dont charge you bogusly. We only collect for our bogus clients that own bogus accounts or own bogus businesses... Like T-mobile and Bally's.

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Aren't u making a percentage of said bill collected??? That's how MOST CA's get paid. Are u any different?
Also, if it's actually T-Mobile than can't we go directly to them as original creditor???

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Ang Ang

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you people really need to understand that you dont have to be there when a judgement is put against you. a judgement is good for 20 years, and can still be collected on. furthermore- stop acting like none of you have had debts you just plain and simple dont want to pay. p.s. any fool trying to apply for bankruptcy- by new laws- you still have to pay!!! so stop running and start coughing up $$$$$$! thats the way of the government you chose to live for!!!!

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Thank you for your imput" collection agency", but no one here is trying to run away from their debts. Most people here are looking for ways to pay them.
You have had your fun for the day, now please go count your money, and leave us alone

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kashzan kashzan

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I also made a deal with Mitchell N. Kay to settle on an amount owed. The deal was to give them 2 post dated checks in the amount of $200.00 each. The lady said if the money would not be in my account on the specific date to call and change the date and there would be "no problem", which I had to do. Now I get a letter stating I still the balance of $372.00 because I was in default. I FINALLY, after about 20 phone calls, got a hold of the lady and she said because I changed the date on the payment that I was in default because there was a 30 day grace period and they will just turn in into the credit bureau. I tried to reason with her but she kept saying I broke the agreement, even after she told me that I could change the date on the payment, and said nothing about that making it in default. I would like to get on the class action as well and I'm in the process of writing a letter to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Better Business Bureau.

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Aren't u making a percentage of said bill collected??? That's how MOST CA's get paid. Are u any different?
Also, if it's actually T-Mobile than can't we go directly to them as original creditor???

Agents only get a percentage if we reach a particular goal, and that's a lot, most of us dont get it anyway. But if you're saying T-mobile gives us a percentage out of what we collect, no. These are charged off accounts remember that. And the discount T-mobile is giving is good for themselves. We dont get a commission for every account we collect on, like people are given commissions for a product they are able to sell for a company. ist not like that.
You can go to T-mobile directly. The only reason they refered accounts is because they dont want to go through the trouble themselves. Collecting debts includes a lot of processes and T-mobile just dont want to be bothered by that.
We get an incentive out of the Total Money we collect in a month. not per account. And that's not even big. If it was, T-mobile did not hire us, theyre partners with us. You know we're just puppets here being asked to do this and that for a price. Thats all. Blame T-mobile. And look up the company yourself on the internet. They do charge people with bogus balances, Ive heard too much about it.

More questions please?

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For anyone's and everyone's information:
Received this AM a phone call from a representative of Mitchell N. Kay demanding payment of an outstanding balance from Mervyn's Department Store. While attempting to communicate with this person, he constantly talked over me and would not acknowledge that 1} there was no balance on the Mervyns account 2} the social security number did not match 3) the address did not match. I called Mervyn's customer service in India and Mervyn's collection department in Manila whio reinforced the fact that we owe nothing and have never,ever been late on any payment. As a matter of fact, for many years, each monthly balance has been paid in full. What we have here is a collection agency with absolutely no skills or scruples.

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