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888-587-0752 - Has anyone dealt with this law office?

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I got a debt settlement offer from law office of m.n.kay on behalf of FDS Bank/Macys
before I send them my money I want to make sure this is legit, and im not gonna send a bunch of money to some people and not have my debt paid off.
has anyone dealt with law offices of mitchell n. kay in the past?
thank you! :D

The Law Office of Mitchell N. Kay, P.C. has lost/settled a class action law suit once before in 2002 in PA.

??????? Oslan v. Law Offices of Mitchell N. Kay 37 ???????? In this action, class members were sent letters by the defendant attorney, who knew that recipients would wrongly believe that the law firm and lawyers were participating in the collection of debts. The plaintiff class also alleged that the letters contained deceptive and false statements. The court approved a settlement of $20,000 for each class member, noting the amount far exceeded the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act statutory award, which is limited to $290.00 per plaintiff.

37 232 F. Supp 2d 436 (E.D. Pa. 2002).

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I had received a call from this "Law Firm" regarding a debt I DO owe (imagine that) a few weeks ago. Gave me the "we can lower your debt by half if you can promise to pay by Jan 21" He insisted on a post-dated check and I refused. I ain't stupid, I don't do that. So we went round and round and I asked for a letter in writing before he was getting ANYTHING from me. He was flustered with me by the end of the call and in a hurry to end it and agreed. (I gave him a hard time about post-dated checks being illegal in my state, which it is illegal to demand one, not illegal to ask and he had me speak to his manager about it) Today I get a call (I had actually forgotten since I received NOTHING in the mail) from the same man mentioned above with a very thick and sometimes hard to understand accent. He went on about how I was supposed to have paid by the 21, and why I didn't. I told him I had not received anything in the mail that he promised to verify he was who he said. He kept coming back with politician answers to everything I said and when I told him I was searching for his company online he said that many people write blogs that are negative and not to believe them! Regardless, I ended the call with a "don't ever call this number again, all correspondence must be in writing". We'll see how this works out, but I am glad to know I'm not the only one getting the run around.
As a side note, I have no issues paying off the debt in full if I have to, but circumstances have left me time and time again unable to pay anything but just barely enough to live. I am considering calling the original debtor to find out who I really need to pay to get this taken care of.

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I am in Texas and want to sue these jokers. Any tips on how I should approach this? The date of the debt they say I owe is almost 10 yrs old. I didn't even owe the money in the first place and I am sick of getting letters and hearing from them.

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:x The law firm Law Offices of Mitchell N. Kay P.C.
there bills ARE SCAMS! The first sign to this is they ask for your full S.S. number what ever you do DON'T give it to them! The bills are fake and need to be reported to the police at once.

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I just got off of the phone, these people are very rude. They threaten you and try to put words into your mouth. At 1:45pm Centeral Time I called them a person by the name of Sugan answered the phone. Prior to my talking to this person another coworker of theirs would not talk to me even when I told her I couldn't hear her and hung up on me. I told Sugan this and he started to do the same thing. At 2:04pm he hung up on me. So, go through the company that they say you owe and they should be able to help you much easier then this "law office".

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This "law firm" has cheated countless people out of money that they NEED to live. They call you and harass you. Only give you options as a way to pay back you balance; instead of working with you, and giving you a realistic payment plan. More than half the time I see that if you do pay them , they either don't credit your account. DO NOT SEND THEM A DIME!

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called my home # today. They left a msg for my daughter, who hasn't lived here in several years. I sent her the info via email and she googled his name under Law Office of Mitchell N Kay.

Having been a collection mgr after retiring from the sheriff's dept fraud/forgery division, I am going to take on Mitchell N Kay myself.

I will be contacting his offices and giving him a cease call order. I will also be calling NY Bar association if there are any further calls to my daughter at my #.

I also will urge her to contact the original company of the debt that is claimed to be owed and get a paid in full letter. And urge her to contact the Marine legal aid on the base where her hubby is stationed for further help. Luckily she has them at her disposal, and this guy will probably drop it ...I know there has been no activity on my credit acct re this guy as I get credit activity reports whenever there is activity.

Hope those who have problems with this guy get it resolved quickly. If you are out money I urge you see an attorney so as to find out more info on the class action suit.


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All you have to do is get in contact with the FTC ( Federal Trade Commission) in New York. The number is 212-607-2829. I gave them all the information that was on the letter that I received. They said if they get enough calls they will do a investigation. I talk to the "so call" Law Offices of Mitchell N. Kay,P.C. they just gave me the run around. DO NOT VERIFY YOUR SSN OR DATE OF BIRTH. I have been a victim of fraud before and that is all the information that they need to get you. Send them a certified letter that you do not owe the debt and send it with a return receipt. Their address is:
Law Offices of Mitchell N. Kay,P.C.
7 Penn Plaza
New York, NY 1001-3995
If you have already been a victim of this letter, go to your local police department and fill a report and also inform all three credit agencies of fraud.
Good luck to you all who receive these letters.

Also if you want to contact the "so call" Law Offices of Mitchell N. Kay the number that I have is 1-800-859-2974 or 1-800-247-4720. AGAIN DO NOT VERIFY YOU SSN OR DOB.
DO YOUR HOMEWORK ANY COMPANY SAYING THAT THEY ARE COLLECTING. Contact the original company first to verify the information and who they sent the debt to.

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Do not send any money to this law firm. We tried to call their phone number and it is disconnected. No credit card company will allow you to only pay off half of your debt. Sorry!
We fortunately didn't send them any money because we found that other people did and got screwed basically.
Thanks for the other postings - you helped us. Sorry you are out of money.

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sorry m and j,i happened to settle my total card for just that.i owed 450.00 they took 225.00,they will offer a settlement before it goes to collections.

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